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Dear Customers,

I am pleased to welcome you on the web site of our company. The company RALU, s.r.o. was established in 2006, when we started to transform the business from a natural person (1998-2006, RALU- association) into a legal entity.

Thanks to you we have built a stable position in the Slovak market during our 22-year operation in the area of international transport and forwarding. Since the beginning of our activity we have focused on the transport of shipments between Slovakia and European countries, especially Spain and Portugal. Thanks to the fact that we meet deadlines and we enhance the quality of our services continuously we are cooperating with the biggest Slovak and multinational companies. Our company has been a holder of the Certificate of Quality Management ISO 9001:2016 / EN ISO 9001/2016.

Company RALU, s.r.o. has 40 qualified employees today who can manage any situation. We have a large vehicle fleet which can deliver shipments from 10 kg up to 24 000 kg according to your specific requirements for reasonable prices. Thanks to you we shipped 27 000 tons of goods and we drove 3 600 000 kilometres in 2019. Thank you for your trust, we are here for you...

Ľubomír Kostoláni